We Are New England's Largest Waterbed Store

We didn't do it on purpose, but recently we realized that we are New England's largest waterbed store. We started in 1974 on Main St. in Willimantic. In the picture you can see the shadow of Willimantic's famous footbridge. Back then we were called Water & Air. As the years have changed and the products that we sell have grown we changed our name to the more encompassing All Sleep.

But we never, and will never, stop carrying waterbeds. When other stores said that waterbeds were out of fashion we remind our customers that the waterbed is actually the most supportive sleep surface. When other stores started selling "cooling" mattresses we remind our customers that the waterbed is the only sleep system where you can adjust the temperature of the bed to your liking. When other stores laugh because we sell "old fashioned beds" we remind our customers that waterbeds have come a long way from the technology of the 70's.

Waterbeds are now waveless so you can get the support without the sea sickness. Waterbeds now look like regular beds so it's easier to make the bed and to get in and out of the bed. Waterbeds are now digital so you can be sure the temperature is just right.

Don't worry, we sell lots of regular beds too. We're the only store in New England where you can lie down on a waterbed and compare it to a memory foam mattress, or a latex foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress. All of these different types of beds is how we live up to our slogan "All You Need for Sleep!"

All Sleep has come a long way since 1974 just like the waterbed has. Come visit us and give one a try!

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Chris Koning

Chris Koning

Every bed in our house (4) plus our futon sofa came from All Sleep. We have especially enjoyed the generous under bed storage drawers all of them offer. When we didn’t want our waterbed mattresses anymore, we were able to easily replace them with equally comfortable super single mattresses, from All Sleep, of course. Our futon sofa folds out into a fantastic double bed, and at the perfect height for my vertically-challenged mother-in-law. All Sleep ROCKS!

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